Breadboard Vacuum clamping plates

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Breadboard Vacuum clamping plates

Category: Vakuum Plates
Models: 30x230x320mm oder 30x230x440mm


Extremely precise tensioning and fixing of films and foils on machines for the production of printing plates with laser and UV exposure (photo-optical processes) of films, foils and circuit boards.

Hole grid vacuum clamping plates are particularly suitable for clamping workpieces of small thicknesses in milling and other mechanical processing processes. For the exposure of printing plates as well as for the processing of carbon workpieces on HSC processing machines, using the VILMILL flow. They can also be used to securely clamp small workpieces.

  • Clamping surface 300x420mm
  • Hole grid 15×15 mm
  • Holes Ø 0.7mm
  • circumferential clamping surface for attachment
  • 1 pc. Vacuum suction connections

Available in the following sizes:
30 x 230 x 320 mm
30 x 320 x 440 mm


  • 1 hose nozzle
  • 2 m vacuum suction hose with wire spiral
  • 2 aluminum clamps


Material: aluminum alloy, EN AW-5083
Surface protection: anodized, black

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