Cobb-Unger Öl- & Wasseraufnahmetester

Cobb Unger Water or Oil Absorption Tester

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Cobb-Unger Öl- & Wasseraufnahmetester

Cobb Unger Water or Oil Absorption Tester

Manufacturer: Schnettler Technologies

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Cobb Unger with integrated 10 kg roll for an easy handling (Premium Cobb). Product for the measuring of the water or oil absorption of paper or board.



ISO 535, Tappi T441, SCAN P 12, EN 20535, DIN 53132



Developed in 2019, Made in Germany

Optional: Water tank and lid for Cobb Unger Oil & Water Absorption Tester Test area 50 cm²

Wasserbehälter und Deckel für Cobb Unger Öl- & Wasseraufnahmeteste

Optional: Modified water tank and lid with special seal kit Test area 100 cm²

Optional: Modifizierter Wasserbehälter und Deckel mit Spezialdichtungssatz Prüffläche 100 cm²

Optional Consumable:
Blotting paper for the Cobb Test

Löschpapier für Cobb Test

Device Description:

The Cobb-Unger Oil or Water Absorption Tester is different to a regular Cobb tester due to its pivotable liquid container, with a quick latch cover, which can be removed for easy cleaning. The integrated couching mechanism consists of the roll and the couching plate and allows effortless couching. The unit includes a digital stop watch for time measurement which starts automatically when the liquid container is rotated.

Test Description:
The liquid container is filled with oil or water and is placed in the unit. A weighed sample is placed over the container and the cover is closed. A handle on the side of the unit is used to rotate the container with the clamped sample. The pre-set time on the stopwatch begins to count down. When the time has elapsed, a signal tone calls to activate the container in the start position. The sheet is removed and placed on the couching plate. It is then covered with a blotter and couched by pulling and pushing on the couching plate. The blotter is removed and the sample is weighed again to determine the sample’s absorbency.

• Completely made from stainless steel materials
• Pivotable container for oil or water
• Easy to clean due to removable vessel
• Quick clamping device for easy insertion of the sample
• Integrated stop watch with timer function
• Integrated couching device
• Suitable for castor oil in case of food tests as well as for water in case of paper tests
• No lift-up of the heavy couching weight (10 kg)

Delivery content:
• Instrument with stop watch
• Operating manual

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