Digital thickness gauges series DMD

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Digital thickness gauges series DMD

Manufacturer: Wolf Messtechnik GmbH

The thickness gauges series DMH with scale division 0.01 mm are also available with digital display as series DMD. Like our other digital thickness gauges, there is a change-over switch mm/in. These devices can also be equipped with an interface for the digital processing of the measurement values on customer request. A data logger is available (item no. 540 402), the WOLF statistics software P-DMG for data processing on a PC has the item no. 540 403.

You may decide whether your thickness gauge shall have a foot or not. We recommend the option with foot in order to reduce measurement errors due to body warmth to a minimum.

or leather, fleece and textiles there are special models. According to the applicable regulations, these special models apply the prescribed test pressures to a specified circular calliper surface. In order to ensure the test pressure, these devices are offered only with foot.

Device Measuring Range in mm Measuring Depth in mm
 DMD 3 0 – 10 50
 DMD 3/1 0 – 25 50
 DMD 820 0 – 10 200
 DMD 820/1 0 – 25 200
 DMD 830 0 – 10 300
 DMD 830/1 0 – 25 300
 DMD 850 0 – 10 500
 DMD 850/1 0 – 25 500

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