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Elmendorf Weiterreiss Messgerät

Elmendorf Tear Tester

Manufacturer: PTE-Pulp Test Equipment GmbH
(formerly manufactured and sold by Xell GmbH)


For measuring the tearing resistance of tissue – saving data for export to Excel file.

Device Description

The Xell Elmendorf Tear Tester was especially developed for the paper industry. I features an easily exchangeable pendulum with automatic pendulum recognition. As a standard the 16 000 mN pendulum will be delivered.

Completely automatic test cycle. 10″ touch screen with latest PC technology is integrated. Sturdy base construction of the tester.

After the test the pendulum returns automatically to starting position and opens the clamps for exchanging the samples.

Test Description

The sample to be tested is placed between the clamps. With automatic detection of the sample the tester clamps the sample and the test cycle starts automatically. Clamping of the sample, cutting, release of the pendulum, pendulum swings and the value is detected, pendulum is pushed back in starting position – without breaking the pendulum to zero. Clamps will open and give the destroyed sample free for the next test. The automatic detection of the sample can be switched off, then you have to use a start-button on the screen.

Switch over from MD to CD is done by pushing the MD / CD button on the screen. Then the values are stored in 2 different statistic rows and afterwards the ratio between the MD and the CD samples will be calculated.

On the screen the last value will be displayed in big figures. The statistic values and a graph with the single values for comparison of the MD and CD values will be displayed as well. The 100 last measured values are also stored in the instrument to prevent data loss in case the values have not been not printed out or stored to a PC.


  • Changeable pendulums (available pendulums see below)
  • Top-quality materials and top manufacturing
  • Lab-UI™ controlled.
  • Units are displayed in mN, gf or % of scale
  • Accuracy: < ±1 %
  • 10″ touch screen for operation and display of values, graphs, statistic values
  • MD and CD values are stored in the memory, ratio will be calculated
  • Suitable check weight will be delivered with every single pendulum for checking / verification
  • Automatic friction compensation
  • Clamping surface acc. ISO 1974 with 25 × 15 mm (height)
  • USB printer output, Ethernet output, wireless LAN
  • CE mark
  • Different languages are selectable (English, French, Spain, German, Russian etc.)
  • Equipped with LabUI™

Delivery content:

  • Instrument
  • 1 pendulum (on order please choose a force from the list below)
  • Checking weight for calibration / verification
  •  Spare knife


  • Cutter for sample preparation
  • Thermal printer
  • Parallel printer communication box
  • Extra pendulum (list below)
  • Built in Wi-Fi Module

Available Pendulums

Article codegramforce [gf]m-newton [mN]
Article codegramforce [gf]m-newton [mN]
On special request:2002000
On special request:640064000

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