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Manufacturer: PTE-Pulp Test Equipment GmbH
(formerly manufactured and sold by Xell GmbH)


Used for permanent homogenizing of disintegrated pulp samples.

Usage of the Equalizer

The Equalizer is used for permanent stirring and homogenizing of disintegrated pulp samples.

Device Description

The equalizer comes either on a stand or as a wall mounted device. The disintegrated pulp is moved into the equalizer and filled up to a known concentration with water. The stirrer agitates the suspension, so that the single fibres are always in balance and cannot sink to the bottom. If you have to make 10 sheets with the Rapid Köthen sheet former, the first sample must have the same content of fibres, as the last one. Therefore it is necessary to agitate the sample with the equalizer.

Test Description

Fill the equalizer with the disintegrated sample and dilute the sample with water to a predefined level. Stir this solution constantly and take out a special amount (approx. 800 ml) by opening the ball valve each time you want to produce a sheet of paper.


  • Top-quality materials and manufacturing
  • Made from acrylic glass and stainless steel materials
  • Large ball valve
  • Fixed revolution of the stirrer


  • P 402.W Equalizer for wall mounting with fixed rotation speed
  • P 402.T Equalizer on stainless steel stand with fixed rotation speed
  • P 402.W-REG Equalizer for wall mounting with adjustable rotation speed
  • P 402.T-REG Equalizer with stainless steel stand with adjustable rotation speed

Weight and Dimensions

  • Net 400 × 300 × 150 mm
  • 27  kg

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