Module Metapor vacuum plate

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Module Metapor vacuum plate

Kategorie: Vakuumplatten
Variants: 38 x 200 x 300 mm, 38 x 300 x 400 mm, 38 x 400 x 600 mm


METAPOR© is a unique, porous aluminum composite material for vacuum and compressed air, which is available as a sheet material for mold and tool making as well as air bearing and clamping systems. METAPOR © vacuum clamping systems are characterized by full-surface suction without drill holes. Films can be stretched absolutely flat. The pressure drop in the structure makes the usual covering of free surfaces obsolete. METAPOR © is excellently suited for fixing foils and electronic parts as well as soft gripper.

The vacuum plates are available in sizes 38 x 200 x 300 mm, 38 x 300 x 400 mm, 38 x 400 x 600 mm.

Module Metapor vacuum plate

Depending on the application, the chipboard surfaces consist of air-permeable sintered bronze, ceramic or porous aluminum. The special properties of METAPOR open up a variety of applications and novel problem solutions.



  • Preferably for the following workpieces:
  • Thin-walled (e.g., papers, foils, sinkers, metal strips)
  • fine (e.g., optics)
  • Soft (e.g., rubber)

Or for:

  • Measurement and test methods in the micro or nanometer range, in precision machining and in the
  • Silicon wafer production
  • Special advantages
  • No deformation of the workpieces, as there are no grooves or holes
  • Milling possible when using a Friction Booster
  • Different grades are available for METAPOR sheets (eg Cleanroom class 10)

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