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Precisa Balances

Manufacturer: Precisa Gravimetrics AG


The Precisa balances of the new LS series combine precision with high ease of use and attractive design. The proven, integrated weighing technology is extremely robust and durable. Even in harsh environmental conditions, users rely on this model series. The high-contrast display provides perfect readability in any environment.


  • Die-cast aluminum housing
  • blueLINE extremely high contrast blue vacuum fluorescence display
  • Optionally with built-in, fully automatic self-calibration, programmable within 24 hours cycle or in case of temperature change (SCS)
  • Clock with date and time
  • Expression to GLP
  • USB Device and RS232 / V24 bi-directional interfaces as standard
  • Electronic anti-theft code
  • Optional IP65 protection against dust and spray
  • Updates via the Internet


Built-in functions:

  • Different measuring units
  • Counting
  • Percent weighing
  • Weighing of live animals
  • Dynamic weighing in troubled locations
  • Density Determination
  • Net total, formulation
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Further Details

The easy-to-use draft shields, the integrated weighing applications and interfaces for versatile tools for creating a new generation of employees in the laboratory and industry.

For easy communication, all scales are equipped with RS232 and USB interface as standard, a simple connection with the accessories Precisa accessories or existing PC was supported.

Analytical balances 0,1 mg

Model:Weighing range:Readability:
LS 120A120 g0,1 mg
LS 220A220 g0,1 mg
LS 320A
320 g0,1 mg


Precision Balances 1 mg

Model:Weighing range:Readability:
LS 160M
  160 g1 mg
LS 320M
  320 g1 mg
LS 620M
  620 g1 mg
LS 920M
  920 g1 mg
LS 1220M
1220 g1 mg


Precision Balances 0,01 g

Model:Weighing range:Readability:
LS 320C  320 g0.01 g
LS 620C  620 g0.01 g
LS 1200C1200 g0.01 g
LS 2200C2200 g0.01 g
LS 3200C3200 g0.01 g
LS 4200C4200 g0.01 g
LS 6200C6200 g0.01 g


Precision Balances 0,1 g

Model:Weighing range:Readability:
LS 3200D  3200 g0.1 g
LS 6200D  6200 g0.1 g
LS 10200D10200 g0.1 g

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