Proceq RQ 8000

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Proceq RQ 8000-2

Proceq RQ 8000

Categories: Foil Gauges, Carton Gauges, Paper Gauges, Roll Hardness, Winding Hardness
Manufacturer: Proceq

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The RQ8000 is a fully automatic hardness profiler that detects even the smallest defects with unmatched measurement precision and speed, suitable for even most delicate and complex materials. A fully automated measurement procedure eliminates the user experience issue – always delivering consistent results. This device helps you to not only avoid the runnability problems, but to gain significant savings and customers’ satisfaction.

Proceq RQ 8000

Cost savings:
Avoid runnability issues! Early and fast detection of small roll defects enables enormous elimination of waste during production and upon delivery. It guarantees savings of raw materials , time, manpower and customer satisfaction .


User independency

Unmatched repeatability even at high measurement speed & from edge to edge regardless of the user experience the same results are obtained by all your employees in fraction of time thanks to measurement speed up to 50 cm / s


30 impacts per second monitored 100’000 times ensure ultrahigh measurement accuracy , enabling live detection of the smallest roll defects and even profile control. Versatile, suitable for various types of materials from standard paper up to thin composite rolls films.

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