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Pneumatische Probenstanze

Sample Punch Pneumatic

Manufacturer: PTE-Pulp Test Equipment GmbH
(formerly manufactured and sold by Xell GmbH)


For the preparation of paper or board samples acc. to required standard.

Device Description

Our Sample Punch Pneumatic is a sturdy punch pneumatically operated for easy and rapid preparation of square or circular test pieces. Either used for grammage determination or as sample preparation for bending/stiffness, Elmendorf tear or for twin folding tests. Grammage range from 30 up to 1000 g/m² and thickness up to max. 4 mm.

Procedure Description

The sample is placed between the punch knives through the slot in the safety cover. The sample piece is punched out pneumatically by using the button on top of the instrument.

The sample pieces fall into a sample piece collection tray, which is placed in the foot of the instrument. From there the samples can be taken out and used for several tests.


6 mm diameter pneumatic tube for compressed air connection (400–600 kPa)



Codeaccording toISOSample Sizes
P 105.100ElmendorfISO 197450 × 63mm
P 105.110ElmendorfISO 197476 × 63mm
P 105.120ElmendorfTAPPI T41453 × 63mm
P 105.130Elmendorf63 × 63mm
P 105.140Bending StiffnessISO 249338 × 80mm
P 105.150Bending StiffnessTAPPI T55638 × 76mm
P 105.160Twin FoldingISO 5626100 × 15mm
P 105.170Grammage testsISO 536100 × 100 mm
Other sizes available. Call Us for further details!

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