Thickness Gauging Apparatus DM 2010

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Thickness Gauging Apparatus DM 2010

Manufacturer: Wolf Messtechnik GmbH


The 2000 Series thickness gauges have a sturdy and rigid base frame with encapsulated, separate measurement setup. The devices are the first choice if you value high accuracy (up to 0.001 mm), simple operation, automatic operation and objective, reproducible measurement results.

The DM 2010 is our standard measuring instrument which we offer you with measuring ranges 0 – 10 mm, 0 – 25 mm and
0 – 50 mm (or equivalents in inches, switchable) offer.

Technical specifications:     

  • Touchscreen with menu navigation in German or English 
  • Display lighting     
  • Statistics display     
  • Automatic zero point control     
  • Preselection of the measuring cycles     
  • Preselection of the measuring range     
  • Adjustable dwell time: 1-60 sec.     
  • Motorized pushbutton movement    
  • Connection for foot switch     
  • Digital interface     
  • Available scaling: 0.001 mm, 0.01 mm     
  • Possible measuring ranges: 0 – 10mm, 0 – 25mm    
  • Length x width x height (for measuring range 0 – 10 mm): 300 x 200 x 300 mm     
  • Weight at measuring range 0 – 10 mm: 24 kg
Lieferbare Modelle
TypAnwendungenFühler ØFühlerPrüfdruckNorm
D-2010-Tfür Textilien50,42200.1 kPa und 1 kPaDIN EN ISO 5084
D-2010-Vfür normale Vliese56,42250.1 kPa und 0.5 kPaDIN EN ISO 9073-2
D-2010-G1für Geotextilien56,42252 kPa und 20 kPaDIN EN ISO 964-1
D-2010-NWfür textile56,42250.5 kPa und 1 kPaDIN EN ISO 53855
Flächengebilde35,68105 kPa
D-2010-P*für Papier162100 kPaDIN EN ISO 53105
D-2010-HYfür Hygienepapier35,68102 kPaDIN EN ISO 12625-3
D-2010-L1für Leder100.78550 kPaDIN EN ISO 53326
D-2010-L2für Leder100.78549,1 kPaDIN EN ISO 2589
D-2010-Gifür Gummi35,68105 kPa
D-2010-F*für FolienR 30 mm0.5 NDIN 53370

*Auflösung 0.001 mm ist Standard


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