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Xell Tissue Absorptionstester

PTE Tissue Absorptionstester

Manufacturer: PTE-Pulp Test Equipment GmbH
(formerly manufactured and sold by Xell GmbH)


For the determination of water absorption & suction time.

Device Description

This high quality product is characterized by the simplicity of operation. Only premium stainless steel and aluminum parts are being used. The water pot has a capacity of max. 4 liter and is lifted pneumatically. Also the tilting of the standardized basket from 0° to 30° is done automatically according standard. The whole device is controlled by the touch screen. The load cell is built into the head of the device. The special developed clips allow the basket to sink force- and frictionless into the water by the weight of the paper only.


Test Description

One test piece is placed into the basket. By pushing the start button on the touch screen the device detects the dry weight of the test piece and the basket tilts from 30° to 0°. The water pot, filled with distilled water, is lifted and the basket with the sample in it touches the water. Due to the special mounting of the basket, the only weight that pushes the basket and the sample down is their own weight. As soon as the sample is sucked full with water, the watering button has to be pushed. Now the 30 seconds watering time starts to count down. After the watering time, the water pot gets lowered into its initial position and the basket gets tilt back to the 30° angle. Then the sample drains for 60 seconds. After the drainage time the device measures the weight of the wet test piece. The device displays all the values like empty weight, wet weight, gram water per gram tissue etc. as well as the suction time and drainage curve on the touch screen. The statistics are calculated automatically and get saved on the device. These values can be easily exported as an excel file via USB flash drive directly after the test or later by recalling the results in the saved history.



  • Determination of water absorption in gram-water per gram-tissue
  • Extra feature: suction time of the sample is displayed in seconds.
  • Highest quality materials and manufacturing
  • Easy to use, single hand operation
  • Highest repeatability
  • 10” Touch screen
  • Special developed force- & frictionless mounting of the basket
  • Water pot easy to change and refill
  • Tissue absorption basket according standard
  • Automatic calculation of statistics (max, min, average, standard deviation, etc.)
  • Excel export of single and statistic values via USB
  • Storage of values and graphs with statistic figures of the last 100 measurements
  • Recall possibility of the stored values



  • Tissue Absorption Tester
  • – Connection cable
  • User manual

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