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Digitaler Mahlgradtester nach Schopper-Riegler

Freeness Tester »Schopper-Riegler« Digital

Manufacturer: PTE-Pulp Test Equipment GmbH
(formerly manufactured and sold by Xell GmbH)

Performs the highest standards in automated simplicity and data storage.

Device Description

The Schopper-Riegler Digital Freeness Tester is characterized by the highest simplicity in operation as well as data storage, retrieval and print out. Only premium stainless steel, aluminum and POM (Polyoxymethylen—a highly resistant type of plastic) parts are being used for manufacturing this testing equipment. The sealing cone is raised automatically after tapping a button on the screen. The drainage chamber is placed and locked onto the funnel by a bayonet-lock. This allows for a quick demounting of the  drainage chamber and a quick removal of the sieve with the remaining fiber to perform a dry content test on it. The calibrated nozzle exactly rinses 1000 ml in 149 seconds. The device is always delivered with two measuring beakers with both SR° and ml scales.
This digital version comes with a built in touch screen and balance for highest repeatability of the tests and very accurate measurements. It is the first Schopper-Riegler Freeness Tester that allows for  test results to be transfered to the mill’s LIMS (Laboratory-Information-Management-System) or to a USB-stick in XLSX-format. Screenshots can be saved and exported for prints.

Test Description

The pulp suspension is poured into the closed filling chamber on top of the funnel. By tapping a button on the screen, the sealing cone is lifted and the suspension drains into the funnel. The fibers remain on the sieve placed between the filling chamber and the funnel. The water is separated into the two measuring beakers that are placed under each orifice. The number of °SR can be read from the beaker that’s placed underneath the side orifice and is displayed on the touch screen in numbers and as a dewatering curve. Now the bayonet locking can be opened and the sieve can be taken out for cleaning or to make a dry content test after drying the fibers.


  • Highest quality materials and manufacturing
  • Digital measurements stored for retrieval and long term comparability
  • Bayonet locking of the filling chamber
  • Calibrated nozzle
  • Single hand operation


P 403.D-POMDigital Model with POM plastic drainage chamber
P 403.D-POM-TDigital Model with stainless steel drainage chamber

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