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Sheet Former »Rapid-Koethen«

Manufacturer: PTE-Pulp Test Equipment GmbH
(formerly manufactured and sold by Xell GmbH)


For the preparation of laboratory sheets of pulp.

Device Description

The Rapid-Koethen device is built upon a warp resistant stainless steel frame. This robust base holds the pump, hot water bath, suction chamber etc. On the left hand side of the work table you can find the sheet forming column, the white water tank and the white water thermostat. The dryers are located on the right hand side. You can find only a few important control switches on the work table in order to ensure work space for the transferring process between sheet former and dryer. Adjustments and setting for the automatic sheet forming process as well as parameters for the drying process can be controlled by using the touch screen display located next to the dryer timers and gauges.

Test Description

At first, either automatic or manual sheet forming has to be selected. In order to start the automatic sheet forming process all parameters need to be preselected on the touch screen. Once the automatic process has been started, the device will fill the sheet forming column automatically with water. When the water level reaches the 4 liters mark add the disintegrated stock. The device will now continue filling the column with water and complete the sheet forming process by itself. This whole process can also be carried out manually. Via the manual operation switch the individual steps can be undertaken separately. After the draining process the formed wet sheet can be transferred to the dryer with the help of a carrier board, a cover sheet and the delivered couch roll. After transferring the wet sheet to the dryer, you can start the drying process by setting the timer and pushing the start button. The dryer will stop after the preselected time.


  • Highest quality standards
  • Fully automatic sheet forming (only A & C model)
  • Built-in touch screen control panel (only A & C model)
  • Up to 5 dryers available
  • Compliant with ISO 5269-2 and DIN 54358
  • Dryer water circulation of 3-6 l/min according to standards (only C model)
  • Dryer water temperature of 93 – 97°C according to standards, individually adjustable
  • Optional dryer temperature up to 145 °C
  • Optional circular water system for chemical analysis


  • Rapid Koethen sheet forming and drying device
  • Couch roll
  • Rubber plate
  • Carrier boards
  • Cover sheets
  • Set of gaskets
  • Drainage pipes
  • 1 additional sheet forming screen
  • Optional: mounting frame for sheet forming screen


Rapid Koethen Sheet Former Specifications:

Article CodeControl SystemNumber of Dryers
10.405.110Manual Control1
10.405.120Manual Control2
10.405.130Manual Control3
10.405.140Manual Control4
10.405.210Automatic Control1
10.405.220Automatic Control2
10.405.230Automatic Control3
10.405.240Automatic Control4
10.405.250Automatic Control5
10.405.310Automatic Control and circular water system1
10.405.320Automatic Control and circular water system2
10.405.330Automatic Control and circular water system3
10.405.340Automatic Control and circular water system4
10.405.350Automatic Control and circular water system5

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