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„Tappi“ Blattbildungsanlage halbautomatisch

Sheet Former »Tappi« semi-automatic

Manufacturer: PTE-Pulp Test Equipment GmbH
(formerly manufactured and sold by Xell GmbH)


For the production of standardized hand sheets.

Device Description

The Sheet Former is built upon a warp resistant stainless steel frame. This robust base holds the sheet forming column and the pneumatic couching device, both located on the left hand side of the waterproof work table. The control panel, including a touch screen display, start and stop button and other important controls, is located on the right hand side. Multiple gauges enable the operator to supervise the pneumatic couching process. The sheet forming process can be performed manually or automatically. Therefore, you can find a manual operation switch next to the touch screen display that allows you to control the individual steps of the sheet forming process by hand.


Test Description

After initiating the process by pressing the start button, the water column is being filled with water automatically. Now the suspension needs to be added. The filling process will stop as soon as the water has reached the set limit. Agitation will start according to the preset values prior to the calming process. The subsequent gravitational dewatering process will finally form the sheet upon the screen plate. Each step of sheet forming related to the former column can be executed manually via the manual operation switch. The former column can now be opened and the couching process needs to be performed. Therefore, two blotters need to be laid onto the wet sheet before lowering the couching device. After locking the couching unit the membrane is being pressurized and will perform the couching process pneumatically. When the set couching time has elapsed, the sheet is ready for pressing and drying.



– Highest quality and manufacturing
– Touch screen display
– Automatic and manual sheet forming
– Gravitational dewatering
– Pneumatic couching device



– Sheet former semiautomatic
– 10 mirror-polished plates
– 10 drying rings
– Blotters
– Power cable
– Operating manual

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