Bending Stiffness

for measuring softness
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Bending Stiffness

The softness is an essential quality feature of textiles, leather, fleece and other limp materials. After extensive scientific studies, the flexural strength is measured as a reference for the softness. Schnettler Technologies recommends the Softometer KWS for this purpose.

The softometer was designed so that the comparability of the measured values ​​is given without specifying additional device parameters. The materials are thus not only measured uniformly, but are also comparable in the measurement results.

There are two different operating modes available. On the one hand, a timer, in which a measured value is displayed after 10 seconds. This is used for normal quality inspection. In addition, there is the relaxation test for scientific investigations, in which the measured values ​​are continuously displayed and change with time. The operating modes can be freely switched by the user.

Of course, the softometer also has an interface for digital further processing of the measurement results.